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Terms and Conditions - Brisbane motorcycle rentals

Motorcycle rental terms & conditions from Brisbane

Each depot has certain terms and conditions specific to them and their bikes. The information below is for specific bikes out of the Brisbane depot. Please contact us us with any queries.

Some terms and conditions apply to all rentals, and they are detailed in our general motorcycle rental terms and conditions.

When you collect your bike you must bring along your motorcycle license and your credit card. If you are from overseas you’ll also need your passport, your motorcycle riders license from your home country or your international motorcycle riders permit if your license is not in English.

Important note:
The main bulk of the bikes are located 150km north of Brisbane near Noosa. Coach transfers from Brisbane airport to Noosa take 2hrs and the cost of transfer to Noosa for the rider is included for rentals of 5 days or more. The coach leaves frome the airport and can easily be arranged.

Included in the price:

› Rentals of 2 days or more include unlimited km
› Transfer to Noosa from Brisbane [5 day rental or longer]
› Helmets and gloves are included free of charge
› Panniers/saddlebags and windscreens
› Breakdown assistance
› Security / cable locks
› GPS unit if available at time of booking
› Top box if available at time of booking
Not included in the price:

› Riding jackets are available for AU$10 per day
› Riding gear is not available for one-way trips
› Return travel from Noosa
› Parking tickets, speeding fines and other penalties [an AU$50 charge may be imposed for the handling of unpaid fines]

› Age requirements:

Hirers must be over 25 with unrestricted bike licence. Triumph Rocket III riders must be over 30 years of age and have appropriate experience.

› Deposit:

A 30% non refundable deposit is normally required to reserve your motorcycle.

› Collection / drop-off times:

Collection and drop off times are 8.30am to 5pm Monday-Friday and 8.30am to 12 noon on Saturdays (collections or return outside these hours are by prior appointment only). Sunday collections are available between 7.30am and 8.30am, drop offs are between 4.30pm and 5.00pm. This may not always be possible but we will do our best to fit in with your plans.

The collection day and drop off days are counted as full rental days if the pick up and drop off times fall inside the hours of 9am and 4pm.
For example - collect at 9am and drop back before 9am the follwing day - 1 day rental. Drop back at noon - 2 day rental. Collect at 4pm and drop at 4pm following day - 1 day rental. Drop back at 9am the next morning - 2 day rental.

› Insurance options:

Included as standard is full motorcycle insurance cover and this covers theft, damage to the motorcycle, injury to third party people and damage to their property (excess on price list applies). The hirer is liable for the full amount of the excess in the event that the combined damage and/or loss of the motorcycle exceeds the insurance excess. Recovery of the motorcycle is not included in the insurance cover and must be paid by the hirer.

These terms apply unless the hirer is in breach of the terms of the Rental Agreement e.g. driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs etc. Any breach of the rental agreement will void the insurance and make the hirer liable for all damage to or theft of the motorcycle and third party property damage. In the case of an accident involving another vehicle, the hirer is required to pay the insurance excess regardless of who was responsible for the accident. You will be reimbursed the excess if and/or when a recovery of the costs is made from another party.

› Optional additional insurance cover:

This costs AU$15 per day and is the Full Motorcycle Insurance Cover above but with a lowered insurance excess equal to the security bond plus any motorcycle recovery costs. This option provides greater peace of mind to help you enjoy your motorcycling adventure.

Additionally, where a motorcycle has been crashed and is not able to be ridden any further, BikeRoundOz, its Agents, Assigns and Contractors are under no obligation to replace or supply another motorcycle for the completion of the journey and no compensation can be claimed by the hirer for the unused portion of the hire period. The hirer agrees to reimburse all motorcycle retrieval and salvage costs over and above the hirer's maximum damage liability.

› Insurance terms:

Breach of rental contract terms voids ALL insurance and renter is liable for ALL damage. Insurance DOES NOT cover 1) rider for bodily injury or damage/loss of personal belongings. Supplementary travel insurance is highly recommended. 2) loss of rental caused by extensive damage to the motorcycle rendering it unavailable for hire.

› Refunds, credits and motorbike returns:

We do not provide a refund if a motorcycle is returned early. However, under certain circumstances, a credit for part of the unused rental time may be offered less the cost of returning the motorcycle, depending on the particular circumstances. Some definitions and proviso's include the following:

1. A 'credit' means that a hirer can come back and hire another motorcycle to the same value for the number of days offered with certain 'use by' date limitations.
2. A credit cannot be used as a form of 'cash adjustment' for any monies left owing.
3. If a motorcycle is damaged as a result of an accident and unable to be ridden to the rides completion, a credit for the unused period of rental time will not be offered.
4. If a rider is injured as a result of an accident where the bike only suffers minimal damage, but the rider is unable to continue due to injuries, a credit may be offered depending on the circumstances and extent of motorcycle damage.
5. Any credit offered will be calculated from the number of rental days left unused AFTER the motorcycle has arrived back to our Noosa shop including time taken to repair any damage and ready the motorcycle for further use.
6. If a motorcycle has to be transported back as a result of accident damage, rider incapacity or for any other reason other than unrelated mechanical failure, the transportation costs are to be born by the hirer and may be additional to the amount of the security bond held.
7. Motorcycles must be returned clean
8. Motorcycles must be returned with a full tank of fuel

› Cancellations:

In the event of a cancellation the following fees apply:

Over 90 days prior to the start date - 30% of the total fee
7 - 89 days prior to the start date - 50% of the total fee
7 days or less prior to the start date - 80% of the total fee
48 hours or less from the start date - 100% of the total fee

› One way rentals:

You can drop off your motorcycle at any city and simply pay the freight costs of shipping the bike back to the depot. This can vary depending on the bike, date and length of hire and so please ask for a specific quote with regard to this.

You can collect or drop off in one of these cities with the following one way fee applied:

Cairns: AU$ 400 [7 day minimum rental]
Sydney: AU$ 425 [7 day minimum rental]
Melbourne: AU$ 450 [7 day minimum rental]
Adelaide: AU$ 500 [7 day minimum rental]
Perth: AU$ 1,000 [12 day minimum rental]
Darwin: AU$ 800 [12 day minimum rental]

Rental clothing such as jackets and helmets cannot be supplied with one-way rentals from Brisbane.

› Fuel:

Bikes are normally provided with a full tank of fuel. Please ensure it is full when returned at the end of your trip. A $50 charge applies to motorcycles returned without a full tank of fuel.

› Contract:

BikeroundOz will arrange your rental and you will be required to sign a contract at the depot when collecting your bike. The legally binding contract for the rental will be between you and the depot and not with BikeRoundOz.