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BikeRoundOZ - Special offers and one way deals
Relocation Mob
The BikeRoundOz 'Relocation Mob' is a select group of riders that have made themselves available for short notice bike relocations at extra special discounts. The exclusive bikes offered to the Relocation Mob aren't available to the general public but it's easy to join, just head over to Facebook, 'follow' us there and send a message via it with the e-mail address you'd like to subscribe with.

Motorcycle rentals and one way motorbike rental specials

From time to time we are able to offer you some very special deals especially on one way rentals from one city to another. These offers are often snapped up quickly, so please enquire immediately if you wish to take advantage of the considerably reduced prices.

If you want to be kept up-to-date with the latest offers then you can also follow us on Twitter or you can also keep an eye on our Facebook page as well as we often announce special deals via social media.

All special offer relocation bikes have NO ONE-WAY FEES to pay as well as the discount on the daily rates you'll find listed below. Quick, before they all disappear!

05/05/21 and 17/05/21
03/06/21 and 30/06/21
11/06/21 and 11/07/21


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Important information Important information Important information about the one way deals:

In order to offer these low cost rates we need the bikes to either leave within 3 or 4 days of the date specified, or if a bike needs to arrive by a set date it needs to arrive within 3 or 4 days of the stated date.

If your proposed travel dates differ by a few days, please contact us anyway as we may still be able to help you.

The reduced daily rate is usually for a maximum of 14 days when it then reverts back to the standard rate. You'll save the one way fee in most cases of course.

Cosmetically the special offer bikes may not be as clean as those available for general rental and there may not be enough time to resolve any minor issues prior to your collection.

Bear in mind that these low cost one way relocations rely on a rider delivering the bike to your collection city. If they can’t deliver for some reason or damage the bike then there may be delays or in very rare situations the bike may not be available at all. We will work closely with you in these situations to find the best solution for your trip and if it can’t proceed will fully refund your deposit.

Finally, please note that riding gear is not usually available on the special offer one way trips and so you will need to bring your own with you in most cases.

Important informationImportant informationMore information and frequently asked questions can be seen by clicking here.

Frequently asked questions and important information - Special offers

Q. Will you notify me when new special offers are available?
A. The best way to stay up-to-date with our special relocation offers is to follow us on Twitter. Stay informed with the latest offers and relocation specials by clicking this link here:

Of course if you don't have a Twitter account then you can still check the special offers section regularly to keep abreast of the latest discounts, or just get in touch if there's something specific you have in mind and we'll see what we can do to help. You can also keep tabs on the special promotions via Facebook.

Q. How much is the discounted price?
A. The exact cost of your special offer rental will vary depending on the type of bike, where it is going to and how long you want to ride for. The discounted daily rates are valid for up to 14 days, after which your daily rate reverts back to the standard cost. You will receive the daily rental rate associated with your total rental time though, which makes it even better value.

As a hypothetical example: If you were to book a special offer BMW R1200GSW for 21 days with a 15% discount and the standard daily rental rate is AU$ 150.00, you would receive 14 days at the discounted rate of AU$ 127.50 and then 6 days at AU$ 150.00.

There are also generally no one-way fees to pay on the special offer rentals, which means you can save up to AU$ 1,000 in some cases in addition to the reduced daily rates.

You can see the standard rental prices for the motorbike you are interested in by clicking the relevant 'normal prices' link above for full details, we will of course provide you with a personalised price and more information on receipt of your enquiry.

Q. How long can I keep the special offer motorcycle?
A. If the special offer motorbike you are interested in is listed as "to arrive by this date" then the bike needs to be at its destination within a few days (3-4) of the date listed. If the bike rental special is listed as "leaving soon after this date" it generally means that the bike needs to leave its current location within a few days (3-4) of the date listed. Often there is no specific date that it needs to arrive at its destination but sometimes there’s a booking soon after, so let us know your intended travel plans and we’ll do our best to fit in with your dates.

Each special offer is unique, which is why we ask you to contact us using the form above before booking. Even if your intended travel dates don't match exactly, we will do our best to find something to suit your requirements.

Q. Can I hire riding gear as well?
A. In the majority of cases we are unable to offer riding equipment such as helmets, jackets or GPS units with the one-way special offers. This is because you will either be picking the bike up after a previous client has ridden it somewhere, or riding it to the start location for another booking. We always suggest you contact us with your plans though as we will always do our best to help arrange something in the event that you can't bring your own riding gear.

Q. Where do I collect bike from and drop it off?
A. You may be collecting and dropping off at a rental depot, bike dealership, transport depot or a residential address depending on arrangements before and after your trip. In order to offer the lower price we ask you to be a little flexible with the collection address and also familiar with riding bikes as there may be no one to provide a detailed run through of the controls. You’ll have a telephone number to call in the event of any questions of course.

Q. What condition will the bike be in and how will it be equipped?
A. Cosmetically the bikes available as special offers might not be as clean as the bikes available for general rental.

If you are taking a bike back to the ‘home’ depot then the bike will have been serviced before the previous client collected. If you are taking the bike to a location for the full paying rider to collect and ride back we ask you to let us know of any issues that may crop up during the ride such as blown globes (bulbs) so that we can arrange for them to be fixed prior to the next client collecting. In this case we may, for example, ask you to drop into a dealership to have them fix something on the way.

If you are riding the bike back to the ‘home’ depot there may not be enough time to resolve any minor issues prior to your collection. Again this is the reason for the reduced price and, as above, we may ask you to drop into a dealership to have something taken care of.

The equipment fitted and the overall bike setup must be as per the full-fee paying client. You can always ask us if you have any questions regarding the specific setup of the bike you will be using.

Tyres will be in good condition but not usually new. In a case where you are taking a longer trip on a special offer bike we may ask you to have the tyres replaced (at no cost to you) during your trip should they need it.

It is rare for issues to occur on the road with bikes these days but we like to be clear about the service you’ll receive. The savings can often total 50% or more and by understanding the situation you can decide if you the saving is worthwhile to you.