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Self guided motorcycle tours from Melbourne - Select below for more details:

3 days

Great Ocean Road & the Grampians National Park

This is the finest short tour around the greatest motorcycling highlights of Victoria, absolutely perfect for a long weekend. Combine what is arguably one of the best biking roads on the planet, the Great Ocean Road, with the natural grandeur and wildlife of the Grampians National Park. It all adds up to three days in the saddle that'll be hard to beat!

Great Ocean Road and Grampians self guided motorbike tour
5 days

Melbourne to Adelaide

One of the finest biking routes in the world, the Great Ocean Road, sandwiched between two incredible cities. Hold on tight through the twists and turns of the ocean road, roam far and wide through the ancient mountains of the Grampians National Park and explore the picturesque South Australian Coast. Adelaide serves as a refined cultural highlight to end this great five day motorcycle tour of Victoria and South Australia.

Melbourne to Adelaide self guided motorbike tour
7 days

Melbourne to Melbourne

Some superb alpine scenery and high country riding through the Snowy Mountains and Victoria Highlands, combined with the wonderful ancient splendour of the Grampians National Park. That alone would be enough to fill seven days of riding, but to round off the week there's the once in a lifetime experience of riding the world famous Great Ocean Road! Unless you ride it more than once, in which case you're very lucky!

Melbourne to Melbourne self guided motorbike tour
7 days

Melbourne to Sydney

A fantastic ride that starts on a high with the Great Ocean Road and only gets better from there. Explore the Grampians National Park, sweep through the Victoria Highlands and ride high into the breathtaking Snowy Mountains, before continuing up the New South Wales southern coast to ride into the welcoming embrace of one of the greatest cities on earth. Sydney.

Melbourne to Sydney self guided motorbike tour
10 days

Tasmanian and Victorian Highlights

The best of Tasmania's untamed wilderness and convict heritage, blended with highlights of the fascinating scenery, invigorating riding and world renowned National Parks of the south of Victoria. A ride along the world famous Great Ocean Road has to be the highlight of this tour, but there's so much to choose from it's hard to decide!

Tasmania and Victorian Highlights self guided motorbike tour
14 days

Melbourne to Sydney with the Best of Tasmania

The cosmopolitan delights offered by two of the finest cities on earth, the best of Tasmania's untamed wilderness and convict heritage, plus all the highlights of the state of Victoria and a ride along the world famous Great Ocean Road, combined with stunning alpine scenery in the Snowy Mountains. Something for everyone!

Melbourne to Sydney with the best of Tasmania self guided motorbike tour
14 days

Melbourne Circuit with the Best of Tasmania

The best of Tasmania's untamed wilderness and convict heritage blended highlights of the fascinating scenery, invigorating riding and world renowned national parks of the south of Victoria. Add a brief sojourn into New South Wales to experience the brilliant alpine wonders of the Snowy Mountains , all topped off with the Great Ocean Road. Epic.

Melbourne circuit with the best of Tasmania self guided motorbike tour
14 days

Melbourne to Brisbane

Ride the incredible, world famous Great Ocean Road, explore the lookouts and meet the wildlife in the Grampians National Park, sweep through the Victoria Highlands and climb high into the majestic Snowy Mountains. Experience the New South Wales coastline, the vibrant capital of Sydney and the heritage in the Hunter Valley, before continuing north up the Gold Coast.

Melbourne to Brisbane self guided motorbike tour
19 days

Melbourne to Perth

This tour has a little of everything and a great deal of Australia! Secluded beaches, lush vineyards, vibrant cities and the iconic, immense red outback of Australia. An amazing once in a lifetime journey that packs in multiple lifetimes of experiences. The satisfaction of crossing the continent and riding through some of the truly iconic 'Aussie' landscapes comes as standard.

Melbourne to Perth self guided motorbike tour
21 days

Melbourne to Darwin

The best of Victoria and one of the finest biking roads on the planet, combined with a trip through the very heart of Australia. Ride through the outback and visit the iconic spectacles of Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon and much more. Experience life in the central deserts, linger in lush desert oases, marvel at the incredible desert landscapes and end in the tropical paradise of Darwin. An amazing adventure through the 'red centre' of Australia!

Melbourne to Darwin self guided motorbike tour
28 days

Melbourne to Cairns

Got a month or so to spare? This is what you should be spending it doing! This motorbike tour encompasses the absolute best of Melbourne and its surrounds, including the epic Great Ocean Road! Ride through the incredible Snowy Mountains and Victoria Highlands to the cultural hub of Sydney, experience the vibrant Sunshine Coast, visit the world renowned Great Barrier Reef and end on a high in tropical northern Queensland.

Melbourne to Cairns self guided motorbike tour

The state of Victoria contains some of the finest motorcycling routes in the world, with Melbourne being ideally placed to get the best out of what's on offer. The Great Ocean Road is arguably the most impressive coastal ride on the planet, but that doesn't even scratch the surface. Whilst just the ocean road itself is enough to draw people to the area from all corners of the globe, add in the spectacular lookouts and waterfalls of the Grampians National Park, the huge scenery and gently meandering roads of the Victoria Highlands, towering peaks of the Snowy Mountains and the old world charm of the Goldfields and you've got motorcycling nirvana!

Victoria's capital Melbourne, sits securely on the banks of the Yarra River and around the shores of Port Phillip Bay. Lauded for its sense of style and elegance, Melbourne boasts glamorous festivals and events, plenty of boutique and speciality shopping, a passion for the culinary arts and a flourishing penchant for the artistic.

Image credits linkMelbourne, 'Culture Capital of Australia'

Restored and remarkably well preserved nineteenth-century architecture, built on the back of the discovery of gold, provides a heady reminder of a wildly prosperous age, whilst beautifully tended parks and gardens present a therapeutic respite from the heady pace of city life.

Melbourne is a marvellously simple city to get around, most things are within walking distance of the centre and a widespread system of efficient and cost effective trams, is ready and waiting to sweep you off your feet and ease your journey to wherever you want to go. If you need help planning your time in Melbourne, just ask! We'd be happy to help!

The Great Ocean Road
Image credits linkThe world famous Great Ocean Road, Victoria - Named for good reason

Perhaps the ultimate feather in the state of Victoria's cap, especially where motorcyclists are concerned, is the ‘Great Ocean Road’. Famously regarded as one of the most scenic coastal roads in the world, words can't adequately describe the wonderful scenery on this 280km stretch of asphalt. It's within easy reach of Melbourne too, which makes it all the more difficult to resist its charms! Every motorcyclist should ride this road at least once in their life!

World famous riding on the Great Ocean Road
Image credits linkThe Great Ocean Road provides excitement aplenty

It wends its way from Torquay in the east, along the rugged and beautiful coastline taking in such spectacles as ‘The Twelve Apostles’, ‘London Bridge’ and ‘Loch Ard Gorge’ before finally coming to an end just west of Peterborough. A truly fantastic and invigorating ride with something for everyone to enjoy, be it the ride itself or the fascinating towns and attractions along the way.

Melbourne is also the gateway to Tasmania, as it's home to the ferry port. There is some fantastic riding to be had in the oft overlooked state of Tasmania, but it's even better when combined with some of the highlights of Victoria and the South East.

Everything can be customised to suit your individual preferences, it's as simple as just asking!

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We can tailor the tours just for you, to meet your exact motorbike touring requirements. The length of the tour, accommodation type, where you stay before and after plus any side trips or excursions. It can all be tailored to suit you, simply ask us.