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Rent a motorcycle - One way journeys & fly ride

Want to collect your rental bike in one place and drop it off at the end of your tour in another? No problem! See below for more information and a general outline of the costs involved.

'Fly-Ride' is a simple idea and a great way to cover the maximum amount of Australia on a limited timescale. Continue reading below to find out more.

You can see what bikes are available for rental by selecting your start city from the map on the right.

One way motorcycle rides and 'fly-ride' trips

One way rides

// One Way Rides

Collecting a bike in one city and dropping it off in another is no problem at all! Collect your bike in Sydney and drop it off in Perth once you've crossed the continent, or take your dream route from Melbourne to Cairns. The choice is yours and the possibilities are literally endless!

There are one way fees associated with this service depending on the bike you are riding, the cities you choose to ride between and the time of year. For these reasons we will need to quote specifically for your individual journey, but the information below will apply in the vast majority of cases.

Contact us with your plans about route, time of year and the bike you'd like and we'll provide a cost based on your ideas and plenty of useful advice. Free of charge of course!

You can collect or drop off the motorbike of your choice in almost any location across Australia, the costs for this service are displayed below:

//One-Way Relocation Costs:

SYDNEY → No charge $245 $235 $645 $595 $595 $899
MELBOURNE → $245 No charge $395 $595 $295 $695 $795
BRISBANE → $235 $395 No charge $880 $625 $450 $895
PERTH → $645 $595 $880 No charge $695 $995 $825
ADELAIDE → $450 $295 $495 $695 $590 $995 $995
CAIRNS → $595 $695 $450 $995 $995 Contact us $1,500
DARWIN → $899 $795 $895 $825 $995 $1,500 No charge
Note: The one-way fees displayed here are for general guidance only and assume a booking made more than 3 months (90 days) in advance of your start date.
A representative from BikeRoundOz will confirm exact costs based on your individual plans before processing any bookings.

Use the options below to display one-way fees between your chosen locations.


Details and fee:
Sydney to SydneyNo charge
Sydney to Melbourne$245
Sydney to Brisbane$235
Sydney to Perth$645
Sydney to Adelaide$595
Sydney to Cairns$595
Sydney to Darwin$899
Melbourne to MelbourneNo charge
Melbourne to Sydney$245
Melbourne to Brisbane$395
Melbourne to Perth$595
Melbourne to Adelaide$295
Melbourne to Cairns$695
Melbourne to Darwin$795
Brisbane to BrisbaneNo charge
Brisbane to Sydney$235
Brisbane to Melbourne$395
Brisbane to Perth$880
Brisbane to Adelaide$625
Brisbane to Cairns$450
Brisbane to Darwin$895
Perth to PerthNo charge
Perth to Sydney$645
Perth to Melbourne$595
Perth to Brisbane$880
Perth to Adelaide$695
Perth to Cairns$995
Perth to Darwin$825
Adelaide to Adelaide$590
Adelaide to Sydney$450
Adelaide to Melbourne$295
Adelaide to Brisbane$495
Adelaide to Perth$695
Adelaide to Cairns$995
Adelaide to Darwin$995
Cairns to CairnsContact us
Cairns to Sydney$595
Cairns to Melbourne$695
Cairns to Brisbane$450
Cairns to Perth$995
Cairns to Adelaide$995
Cairns to Darwin$1,500
Darwin to DarwinNo charge
Darwin to Sydney$899
Darwin to Melbourne$795
Darwin to Brisbane$895
Darwin to Perth$825
Darwin to Adelaide$995
Darwin to Cairns$1,500
The information provided by this calculator is only intended as a guide and is based on bookings made 90 days more more in advance. If you have any questions or a special request you can contact us directly.
One way motorcycle rentals across Australia map

If there is a specific one-way ride that you are thinking about but your plans don't fit with the collection and drop-off locations listed above, contact us anyway, we might be able to help arrange something unique just for you!

Please note: You may be asked to collect your bike from a transport depot or temporary location at the start of your rental, or deliver it to a transport depot at the end. This helps to keep one way costs to a minimum and means we can offer the best value one way journeys.

// One Way Self-Guided Motorcycle Tours - Ride, Fly and Ride...

As well as simple one way rentals between most major locations in Australia, we're also pleased to be able to offer a wide range of one way self-guided motorbike tours as well. We can create a custom tour just for you, adapt one of our current rides or just offer you some friendly advice. Simply get in touch and let us know what you have in mind and we'll be pleased to cast an appraising eye over your plans.

We also offer a unique 'Ride-Fly-Ride Australia' concept. The idea is to begin by choosing a four day self-guided tour in one of the centres, starting wherever you like (Melbourne, Sydney, Perth etc.). The tour will cover the absolute best of that region and then once you're done, simply drop that bike off and jump on a flight (included in the cost) to another centre and start the process again! You'll visit all the 'must-see' attractions as you bounce from centre to centre across Australia, making the absolute best use of your time in the land down under.