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Rent a motorcycle - Motorbike rentals in Australia

Australia is an incredible place for motorcycle riding, with some amazing scenery and roads apparently designed with the motorbike in mind! We can set you up with any of a wide range of motorcycles, from pretty much any city in Australia!

You can see what bikes are available for rental by selecting your start city from the map on the right. If you don't see anything you like let us know, we might still be able to help!

Motorcycle rentals in Australia

Rent a motorbike and explore the spectacular natural wonders of Australia...

Australia is a fantastic place to ride a motorbike with some of the best motorcycle routes in the world, even if we do say so ourselves. Sydney has the Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, Waterfall Way and Snowy Mountains to name but a few of the natural wonders. Melbourne's world renowned Great Ocean Road, Alpine National Park and Grampians National Park are simply breathtaking.

Many different makes of motorbike available to rent

Western Australia has a stunning unspoiled coastline, the Kimberleys and the iconic crimson red Outback. Cairns is ideally placed right next to the oldest rainforest in the world and of course, the Great Barrier Reef, while Brisbane boasts the stunning Sunshine Coast and otherworldly Fraser Island. The list could go on and on!

One way journeys between cities are no problem at all, just ask for details.

If you want to ride the latest BMW machine we can help, or if cruising is more your style then a Harley could be just the thing you're after! Don't forget to keep an eye on our motorcycle rental special offers, you never know when a fantastic deal might ride past!

BMWs and Harley Davidson  to rent

Further off the beaten track...

There are some incredible sights to be seen and wonderful places to visit just off the black top, accessible by gravel roads and tracks. Australia can be the setting for an incredible motorcycle adventure if that's what you're searching for! If you're planning a longer tour or want to see some of the more out of the way places, then a bike like the BMW RF800GS, R1200GS or even the venerable Suzuki DR650 would be ideal. We've always got some great deals on low cost, long term motorcycle rentals. Some bikes are as cheap as AU$18 per day!

We've also recently introduced a range of Outback Ready motorbikes available to rent. These bikes are fantastic value and will enable you to go pretty much anywhere in Australia! There's also the option of including an Outback Ready Kit, which includes everything you need to explore the far flung reaches of Australia in style.

Outback ready motorcycle to rent in Australia

Self guided tours...

Whilst renting a bike and doing it yourself is an option, a more leisurely approach would be to try a self guided tour. Visit the best places with detailed routing, distances, things to see on the way and expansive background information on the areas you'll be riding through. Most of our self guided tours included great quality accommodation along with the detailed itineraries, plus of course, a great motorcycle of your choosing!

To get started planning your adventure, tour or rental, simply select your starting city from the interactive map of Australia at the top of this page. We look forward to welcoming you to Oz!