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Guided Motorbike Tours - Perth - The South West Aussie Experience
South West Experience
Australians know this as one of the most beautiful parts of their country, but they like to keep that little secret to themselves! Stunning unspoiled coastline, unique rock formations, the second tallest trees in the world, rolling hills packed with vineyards, great little coastal and country towns and some fascinating gold mining heritage. Optional extensions for a longer trip are available.
Perth South West guided motorbike tour
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The South West Aussie Experience - Guided Motorcycle Tour

This fantastic eight day tour emphasises the incredible wine growing regions around these parts, meaning you can indulge in some of the world class local produce. Although that doesn't mean that wine is the sole focus, not at all. There's some incredible riding to be experienced on this guided tour, squeezing in the best of the pristine coastlines, vibrant communities and twisting inland roads. Eight days is just enough time to get you completely hooked on the south west! There are some optional extensions available too, which can turn this into a longer tour if required.

If you have a group of friends, are a tour operator or club then we can adjust and create a tour to match your preferences, timescale and motorcycle "must-do" lists. Simply ask us!

Perth is a modern, clean city on the banks of the majestic Swan River. The river feels more like a winding harbour really with Fremantle (‘Freo’ to the locals) at its entrance. Perth has all you’d expect from a thriving city with great shopping, restaurants and nightlife combined with superb beaches and a sublime climate.

Image credits linkPerth, jewel of Western Australia and ideal start point for an epic motorcycle tour

Ranked as one of the ‘world’s most liveable cities’, Perth has charm aplenty even if you’re just visiting. A great spot to begin your tour of the south west from.

Nambung National Park and the Pinnacles Desert
Named after a local Aboriginal word for ‘winding’, referring to the Nambung River, this area is now instantly recognisable for the spectacular limestone formations that jut from the desert floor like so many ancient teeth.

The Pinnacles Desert
Image credits linkThe Pinnacles Desert

The exact process by which the ‘Pinnacles’ were formed is a matter still under some debate, but what’s not up for question is the fascinating spectacle offered by such an unusual landscape. Cervantes is the nearest settlement nearby offering facilities and is a great place to base yourself whilst exploring the unusual formations of the desert.

Chittering Valley & Swan Valley

Chittering Valley
Image credits linkPlenty of cellar doors to knock on

Winding might well be what you end up doing if you spend too much time around the Chittering and Swan valleys. Gently rolling hills and lush greenery proved the backdrop for a myriad of world class wineries, vineyards and cellar doors. This area a short distance north east of Perth, mirrors the Margaret River region to the south in providing oenophiles [that's wine lover to you and me] with plenty to stick their noses in!

If you're in the Swan Valley area on your motorcycle during October, there's the annual 'Spring in the Valley' festival to stop and enjoy. It's one of Australia's largest wine and food festivals, but just make sure you don't overdo it!

Image credits linkRiding through the Chittering Valley, oenophiles will be in their element

Bike on the waterfront
Image credits linkMediterranean climate, ideal for biking!
Perched at the mouth of the Swan River, Fremantle is ideally located to take advantage of the Mediterranean climate and the cooling 'Fremantle Doctor' sea breeze, which provides a welcome relief from the hot summer temperatures. First settled in 1829, the city still proudly boasts many a relic from its colonial past and some amazingly well preserved 19th century architecture.

It's also in possession of a great atmosphere and a generally welcoming feel. The ideal place to pause, relax and roam around the interesting streets, parks and heritage trails before continuing south along the coast.

Nestled securely in Geographe Bay, Busselton has been a popular holiday spot for West Australians since the 1890s and it’s easy to see why. Beautiful beaches, excellent fishing, cool and enticing caves nearby, a relaxed ‘seaside’ atmosphere and of course the famous jetty which extends two kilometres out into the ocean. The nearby town of Bunbury to the north offers an excellent diversion en-route to Busselton, providing the opportunity to swim with dolphins. A great chance to get up close and personal with most inexplicably happy mammals on the planet!

You can take the train along the jetty in Busselton or if you feel like stretching your legs after a day in the saddle, then the walk is well worth the effort. From here, it’s just a short hop inland to the vineyards, culture and scenery around Margaret River.

Dolphin leaping
Image credits linkThe opportunity to get up close and personal with wild dolphins presents itself along the west coast

Margaret River wine
Image credits linkPlenty of cellar doors to knock on
Margaret River
Immense Karri forests, world leading vineyards, stunning pure white beaches, an amazing coastline, hundreds of mysterious caves and some of the finest cuisine known to man; a carefully kept Australian secret. This is one of the finest areas of Australia and yet one of the least well known outside of Western Australia.

The climate and humidity in the region is ideal for growing grapes, which has led to the prevalence of world class wines heralding from the area. There are more cellar doors to knock on around Margaret River than you could shake a wine glass at!

There are some great tree lined roads and avenues to be ridden too and the cool, moist interiors of the subterranean caverns located along the aptly titled ‘Caves Road’ provide a welcome retreat from the midday temperatures. You'll be able to spend a full day in Margaret River and its surrounds soaking up the atmosphere, seeing the sights and enjoying the local produce.

Tree lined roads near Margaret River
Image credits linkTree lined roads and avenues abound in the Margaret River region

Gloucester tree
Image credits linkA head for heights would be useful
South east from Margaret River lies the diminutive town of Pemberton and its not so small claim to fame. It is home to the ‘Karri’ species of Eucalypt tree, the loftiest species of tree in Western Australia. The largest specimens of which have been known to tower up to 90 metres.

The nearby Gloucester National Park can provide a unique perspective on these immense examples of mother natures grandeur, if you’ve got the stomach for it mind you. The ‘Gloucester Tree’ is the world’s tallest fire lookout tree and the viewing platform perched an eye watering 61 metres above the forest floor, is a great spot to get the lie of the land.

On return to terra-firma and once your stomach has settled enough, Pemberton offers up some great breakfasts. Tried, tested and definitely approved!

Valley of the Giants
Through the hills and along the twisting highway, Western Australia’s world famous forest of towering 'tingle trees' is just waiting to be explored. You can take a bird’s eye view of the surrounding landscape from the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk, a majestic lightweight bridge through the forest canopy, actually designed to mimic the swaying of the trees as you traverse its length.

Tree Top Walk
Image credits linkGet a bird's eye view of the area at the Tree Top Walk

Down below there is the ‘Ancient Empire Walk’ – a stand of truly ancient tingle trees, some more than 400 years old. These are the original ‘giants’ that provide the forest with its name. A resoundingly peaceful experience, with many spots to relax and reflect on the journey ridden so far.

Founded in 1827 and the oldest permanently settled town in Western Australia, Albany has an old world charm that's hard to beat and is surrounded by some of the most amazing beaches and coastal national parks in Australia.

Incredible beaches around Albany
Image credits linkThere are some truly amazing coastal areas around Albany

You'll have a day to explore, giving you plenty of time to visit the Blowholes, Nature’s Arch and The Gap in the nearby Torndirrup National Park. The beaches here have been repeatedly voted the best in Australia and the sand is so pure it squeaks when you walk on it. It's not all smooth beaches though, some pretty rugged areas of coastline provide the perfect setting for the Albany Wind Farm and a walk around the base of the huge towers offers some great views out over the ocean.

This is a fantastic eight day guided tour around one of the finest areas of Australia, strangely often overlooked when people are visiting. The area is a treasured local secret and if you take the time to ride through it on a motorcycle, you'll soon see why!

If you have any questions regarding tour dates, or the exact routing, please contact us. If you are a tour operator or are looking to organise a group tour but don't see a date which suits your plans, get in touch and let us know. We can customise this tour to meet your requirements exactly.

Optional extensions:

StopwatchIf you would like to extend your time here in order to experience more of what Australia has to offer, then some great options would be:

1) Take a self guided tour north of Perth to visit the beautiful coastlines, coral reefs and outback gorges of the Coral Coast.
2) Relax for a few days at Ningaloo Reef by flying in to Exmouth, right at the very top of the west coast. Snorkel, dive or just relax on the beach, watch magical sunsets over the ocean and dine overlooking the picturesque bay.
3) Fly to Uluru (Ayers Rock) and spend a few days exploring ‘The Rock’, the equally impressive Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) and the beautiful Kings Canyon.
4) Fly-ride to another part of Australia. Simply ask us for ideas and we’d be pleased to help – the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney, the Great Ocean Roadjust ask for suggestions.

We can help you make the most of your time and so simply ask us if you have any specific plans or would like more detail on any of ideas listed above.

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