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Advice and information - Driving permits / licenses

Driving licenseDriving licenses and International Driving Permits [I.D.P]

When you arrive to collect your motorcycle at the start of your ride you will need to bring along your motorcycle license or driving license with motorcycle entitlement clearly displayed, your passport if you are visiting from outside of Australia and a credit card for the security bond. It's also a good idea to take along your booking confirmation as well, as this contains all the necessary contact information for the relevant depot.

International Drivers PermitMotorcycle licenses printed in English mean you can rent a motorbike in Australia. If your license is not printed in English or does not include English translations of the relevant sections, then you must get either an International Driving Permit [IDP] or a certified translation of your license.

If you have any restrictions on your license in your home country then the same restrictions will apply in Australia. For example: if you have a 35kW limit on your license in your country of residence, then the same restriction will apply in Australia. If you are a younger, learner or provisional rider then we may be able to provide options for you, but you will need to check the bikes you are able to hire by viewing the information in this section. The bike rental pages also indicate which bikes you will be able to hire, displaying either a 'P' for 'provisional' or 'L' for 'learner' capable bikes.

Checking this information in advance will not only make collecting your motorcycle a breeze, but it will head off any long and confusing question and answer sessions with the local police, should you happen to be stopped by the constabulary at any point on your ride.

So to summarise then: The documents you will need in order to rent a motorcycle in Australia and have the best time possible if you are visiting from overseas are your passport, credit card and driving license with a certified translation or International Driving Permit. Oh, and a sense of adventure, that's always important!

Driving license requirements

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