Rent a motorcycle - One way journeys & fly ride

Want to collect your rental bike in one place and drop it off at the end of your tour in another? No problem! See below for more information and a rough outline of the costs.

'Fly-Ride' is a simple idea and a great way to cover the maximum amount of Australia on a limited timescale. Continue reading below to find out more.

You can see what bikes are available for rental by selecting your start city from the map on the right.

One way motorcycle rides and 'fly-ride' tripsOne way rides

One Way Rides

Collecting a bike in one city and dropping it off in another is no problem at all! Collect your bike in Sydney and drop it off in Perth once you've crossed the continent, or take your dream route from Melbourne to Cairns. The choice is yours and the possibilities are literally endless!

There are one way fees associated with this service depending on the bike you are riding, the cities you choose to ride between and the time of year. For these reasons we will need to quote specifically for your individual journey. As a rough guide you can expect a cost of about AU$350-AU$450 for a one way trip from Melbourne to Sydney, Brisbane or Adelaide and about AU$600 - AU$850 from Melbourne to Perth.

That's just to give you a very rough idea of course and if you are booking well in advance these one way fees will probably be less that stated here.

Contact us with your plans about route, time of year and the bike you'd like and we'll provide a cost based on your ideas and plenty of useful advice. Free of charge of course!

Fly and Ride

Fly and rideThe idea here is pretty simple, but here's an example to help:

Arrive in Sydney and tour the Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley and Waterfall Way, fly to Melbourne and ride the amazing Great Ocean Road and explore the Grampians National Park, before flying to Perth to tour Fremantle and relax on the stunning beaches, indulge in the wineries and roam through the karri forests of the south west.

Where you go and what you experience is limited only by your imagination. You don't have to ride the same type of bike all the time either, so it's a great way to try lots of different styles of riding!

Internal flights in Australia are pretty inexpensive and we'll arrange it all for you. Put together your own itinerary and we'll sort out your bikes, flights, provide a detailed self guided tour document and book all your accommodation. It really couldn't be much easier!

Choose from the bikes available in each city by using the interactive map at the top of this section. Or contact us with your ideal itinerary. We'll come back to you as soon as we can with a full costing, as well as helpful advice and suggestions.