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You can see Australia on tarmac roads if that's your thing, but there's so much more to experience if you can get off the beaten track and explore some of the gravel routes and tracks. A dual purpose, Outback Ready bike gives you the flexibility to get to those out of the way places tourists and other travellers rarely see. It’s important you stay safe but with good preparation, a bit of advice from us and a little common sense, you’ll have memories of the real Australia that will last a lifetime.

All of the 'Outback Ready' motorbikes are late model machines fitted with a pannier or luggage system, engine bash plates, crash protectors and hand guards. Bear in mind that whilst they're maintained and serviced to strict standards, they have been used on gravel surfaces.

This means that they'll be fully serviced and carefully prepared for your trip but might not be quite as pristine to look at as the bikes which have only been used on tarmac routes. These bikes are fully capable and have the capacity to take you pretty much anywhere!

Outback ready motorbikes
7 - 13
14 - 21
22 - 39
40 - 60
61 - 90
Suzuki DR 650
120 100 90 80 3,990
Bond: 2000
Suzuki DR 650 Includes hard side panniers, bash plate, crash protectors and hand guards.
An 'Outback Kit' rented with this motorbike will provide everything you need to start adventuring in Australia
BMW Sertao 650
130 125 99 95 4,490
Bond: 2200
BMW Sertao 650 Includes hard side panniers, bash plate, crash protectors and hand guards.
An 'Outback Kit' rented with this motorbike will provide everything you need to start adventuring in Australia
140 135 125 115 5,050
Bond: 2200
BMW F700 GS Includes hard side panniers, bash plate, crash protectors and hand guards.
An 'Outback Kit' rented with this motorbike will provide everything you need to start adventuring in Australia
150 145 130 125 5,610
Bond: 2500
BMW F800 GS Includes hard side panniers, bash plate, crash protectors and hand guards.
An 'Outback Kit' rented with this motorbike will provide everything you need to start adventuring in Australia
BMW R1200 GS
155 150 140 130 6,500
Bond: 2500
BMW R1200 GS Includes hard side panniers, bash plate, crash protectors and hand guards.
An 'Outback Kit' rented with this motorbike will provide everything you need to start adventuring in Australia
BMW R1200 GS - 2013 Model
165 160 150 140 7,500
Bond: 2500
BMW R1200 GSW Water cooled edition of the BMW R1200GS.Includes hard side panniers, bash plate, crash protectors and hand guards.
An 'Outback Kit' rented with this motorbike will provide everything you need to start adventuring in Australia
BMW R1200 RT
185 160 140 135 125
[per day rate]
Bond: 2500
BMW R1200 RT Includes hard side panniers and a top box.
An 'Outback Kit' rented with this motorbike will provide everything you need to start adventuring in Australia

The price displayed above for 61-90 days is the total price you pay regardless of how long you choose to ride for [up to 90 days and unless otherwise specified]. This means it is fantastic value for longer trips and provides an added measure of flexibility, allowing for the inevitable changes inherent in longer term motorcycle travel. Bikes will be fully serviced with new or nearly new consumables so there's no reason not to take the chance on an adventure of a lifetime! Servicing and consumables required during the ride are at your expense.


The optional single person 'Outback Kit' contains:

Two person tent
Bed roll[s] or sleeping mat[s]
Waterproof bags for clothing or valuables
Coleman or Primus cooking stove
All essential cooking items
Extra fuel and water containers
A folding camp chair

The Outback Kit is priced on a 'per rental' basis, so there is only one cost no matter how long you plan on riding for.

1-39 days: AU$ 100 | 40-60 days: AU$ 120 | 61+ days: AU$ 150

A 2 person Outback kit containing all the above but enough additonal equipment (extra chair, sleeping mat etc.) for a second person would cost:

1-39 days: AU$ 150 | 40-60 days: AU$ 170 | 61+ days: AU$ 200

If you are travelling together but would like your own tent then you will need two single person kits.

OTHER ITEMS AVAILABLE TO RENT Satellite phone, PLB, GPS Other items available include sat-phones, PLBs & GPS systems
› Satellite phone [Price excludes call charges at AU$ 1.80 per min] For rentals over 20 days, please contact us for pricing. AU$ 15 per day
› EPIRB [Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon] or PLB [Personal Locator Beacon] AU$ 5 per day
› Garmin GPS loaded with Australian maps AU$ 10 per day
› Local mobile phone sim cards Contact us
› Long range 'Safari' fuel tank AU$ 110 per rental
› 'Airhawk' comfort seat AU$ 60 per rental
› Tank bags * See note below *
We understand the usefulness of a tank bag but are reluctant to offer them as dusty and sandy conditions, even on tarmac roads means that it’s common for tank damage to occur. There’s nothing worse for you or us, than having you drop the bikes off excitedly telling us about the great trip you’ve just had only for you to be told that you have a significant cost for a tank respray. For this reason they are available but please be aware of the consequences if great care is not taken with their use.
AU$ 30 per rental

Tent and sleeping mat
Two person tent and bed roll[s] or sleeping mat[s]s

Watertight bags, camping stove and essential cooking equipment
Watertight bags, camp stove and essential cooking equipment

Camp chair, fuel bottles, water carriers

Extra fuel bottles,camping chair[s] and spare water containers


We also offer riding clothing to hire on a per-rental basis, so you only pay once no matter how long you plan on exploring for. We'd normally recommend that you bring your own for both safety and comfort of course. Pies are not included in any of the prices.

Outback ready bikes clothing to rent› Helmet - AU$ 10
› Jacket - AU$ 15
› Trousers / pants - AU$ 10
› Waterproofs - AU$ 20
› Gloves - AU$ 5

Outback Ready motorbikes

Combine an outback ready bike of tour choice with an outback kit and that's everything you need to start exploring as soon as you arrive! Don't forget to bring a sense of adventure, oh and some spare underwear might be useful too!

Images for illustration markerImages are for illustration only and may not represent the exact item available. All prices are quoted in AU$ [Australian dollars] and include GST [tax].

Collection and drop-offs

The Outback Ready bike depot is located a little to the west of Melbourne. It is around AU$ 7.00 and 55 minutes or so on the train from the city centre. You'll be collected from the station and taken back to the depot to collect your bike. Being a little out of the city saves you having to fight your way through the busy Melbourne traffic and complex road system when you first arrive in Australia.

If you'd prefer, we can arrange for delivery to a city centre address for AU$ 50.00. If your preference is to start your ride from another city then that's no problem! Continue reading below for information about costs and one-way trips...

One way trips

These Outback Ready bikes are based in Melbourne, but that doesn't mean you can't start or end your trip wherever you like! You can collect or drop off the bike of your choice in any of the locations show here, the costs for this service are displayed below:

Outback ready bikes one way trips
Collection Drop off Cost Collection Drop off Cost
Melbourne Melbourne No charge      
Melbourne Sydney AU$ 200 * Sydney Melbourne AU$ 200 *
Melbourne Perth AU$ 450 * Perth Melbourne AU$ 450 *
Melbourne Brisbane AU$ 350 Brisbane Melbourne AU$ 350
Melbourne Adelaide AU$ 350 Adelaide Melbourne AU$ 350
Melbourne Cairns AU$ 700 Cairns Melbourne AU$ 700
Melbourne Alice Springs AU$ 800 Alice Springs Melbourne AU$ 800
Melbourne Darwin AU$ 990 Darwin Melbourne AU$ 990
  * When booked 3 months in advance one-way fees from Melbourne to Perth and vice-versa are AU$ 450, otherwise they are AU$ 695
  * When booked 3 months in advance one-way fees from Melbourne to Sydney and vice-versa are AU$ 200, otherwise they are AU$ 350

Please note: If you are not collecting or dropping your bike off in Melbourne then you may be asked to collect your bike from the transport depot at the start of the rental or deliver it to a transport depot at the end. This helps to keep one way costs to a minimum and means we can offer the best value one way journeys.

Terms & Conditions for Outback Ready motorcycles

Please read the general terms and conditions for motorcycle rentals in addition to the information below. The terms and conditions below apply specifically to the Outback Ready motorcycles:

Age requirements:

All riders must be at least 21 years old and have a full motorbike drivers license. Participants must also confirm they have at least 2 year’s experience operating a motorcycle of similar size or larger than the motorcycle that will be provided.


A deposit of 20% is required to reserve your bike. The full balance is due 1 week prior to the start date for hotel collections.

Security bond:

A security bond of between AU$2,000 and AU$2,500 (depending on bike model rented) is required at collection. The security bond will be processed on your credit card and is fully refundable upon the undamaged and on time return of bike with a full fuel tank. A AU$50.00 fee will be imposed for refuelling of the bike at depot if required.

If you are returning the bike to a location other than the main Outback Ready Melbourne depot, your security bond will be held for a period of 14 days to allow for inspection of the bike. You will be notified of any charges that might be made, in advance.

In the event that you return the bike to a location other than the main depot, we would advise you to take detailed photographs of the bike when you drop it off. In the very unliklely event that there is any damage to the bike caused by the transport company, this will prevent you from being charged for the repair costs.

Cancellations & refunds:

In the event of a cancellation the following fees apply:

21 days or earlier prior to the start of the trip: 20% of the total fee
7-20 days prior the start of the trip: 50% of the total fee
2-6 days prior to the start of the trip: 80% of the total fee
48 hours or less: 100% of the total fee

If the booking is for a one way trip from one city to another (e.g. Perth to Melbourne) and the bike has left Melbourne on its way to the other city (Perth in this example) and the cancellation comes after the bike has been shipped (typically 2 weeks before the pickup date) then the one way fees are paid in full as part of the cancellation cost.

We strongly recommend that you obtain trip cancellation insurance from an insurance company.

There shall be no pro rata refunds should the bike be returned early before the end of the hire period irrespective of the circumstances that facilitated an early return.

Outback travel:

Outback travel on remote gravel roads can be extremely dangerous unless you are well prepared and know how to deal with difficult situations. Every year tourists find themselves in trouble and some even die due to lack of preparation and knowledge. If you intend to ride on remote gravel roads or tracks then you MUST inform us of your plans. It may well be possible to accommodate your route as these low cost, long term rental bikes are allowed on some of these roads but don't attempt them without great care and appropriate riding experience. Common requests are for the Savannah Way, Plenty Highway, Great Central Road, Gibb River Road, Tanami Track, Oodnadatta track and Birdsville Track. Conditions at the time dictate whether it is possible for you to take these routes. You should always check expected conditions before riding and keep someone informed of your plans and estimated day of arrival. Remember to check in to your chosen contact when you arrive! The Canning Stock Route, Gunbarrel Highway, Anne Beadell Hwy and any Cape York tracks are forbidden as you need a guide in these areas. The bikes are not permitted on beaches, salt lakes[ wet or dry] or tidal estuaries. Should your bike break down for ANY reason on gravel roads then you will be responsible for recovery costs. Good pre trip advice and preparation is for your own protection as unnecessary tourist deaths happen every year in these regions.

If you choose to ride on outback gravel roads/tracks it's important you understand the sorts of issues that can arise. The nature of the terrain often makes the journey very hard on the bikes and if something breaks in a remote area components can take many days to arrive. This means you could be waiting some time for repairs to take place. This is an inherent risk of traveling in these areas and please bear in mind it is your choice to be riding there. While everything possible will be done to get you going again as soon as possible delays are beyond the depot's control and so lost travel days and other costs such as accommodation ARE NOT REFUNDED no matter what the reason for the breakdown.

Insurance & damage:

All bikes shall be covered by third party person & property insurance. Bike insurance does not cover personal bodily injury or damage / loss of personal belongings. The motorcycles will be insured but you will be liable for the first AUD$4,000 insurance excess for any damage to the motorcycle irrespective of how that is incurred. The term ‘damage’ is to exclude reasonable wear and tear. Minor blemishes or paint chips caused by gravel, stones and insects are considered normal wear and tear however damage or scratches caused by an accident irrespective of who is at fault, dropping a motorcycle or riding it through bushes or off roadways is not considered normal wear and tear.

The participant may choose to limit their exposure to the initial AUD$4,000 insurance excess through the purchase of our Excess Reduction Policy (ERP). This policy operates to reduce the insurance excess to an amount of AUD$1500 by payment by the participant of a fee of AUD$15 per day for the duration of the rental. The participant may exercise this option at the time of booking. Once the rental commences the participant will be unable to exercise this ERP option. Damage to panniers or top box is not covered under the bikes insurance and any damage not considered to be reasonable wear and tear shall be deducted from the security bond. Water damage is not covered by the insurance. Renters are responsible for all damage caused to motorcycle if riding through deep water or dropping bikes into water courses. NEVER ATTEMPT TO CROSS FAST FLOWING RIVERS. The participant is solely responsible for the ignition keys and rental GPS, if provided. Should they be lost or stolen the participant is responsible for the replacement to a maximum cost of AUD$500 for each item.

Accidents, breakdowns and unexpected events:

Unexpected and uncontrollable situations may require last minute substitution of a motorcycle. This may include but is not limited to mechanical failure, collision, damage and theft.

In the event of a mechanical breakdown we will make every effort to provide repair facilities or a replacement motorcycle, although it may not necessarily the same model booked. If renter organises their own towing then the expenses incurred will be at the renter’s expense. Only the depot may arrange towing. If the bike has simply run out of fuel the costs to replenish the fuel will be at the renter’s expense.

Accidents: In the event of an accident, police and the depot must be notified immediately. If the bike cannot be ridden any further the depot, its agents, assigns and contractors are under no obligation to replace the motorcycle and no pro rata compensation can be claimed by the renter. If a participant operates a motorcycle after drinking an alcoholic beverage or using mind altering drugs the rider will incur unlimited liability for damage to the motorcycle and / or third party property. The depot is not obliged to replace a motorcycle damaged by a participant in these circumstances.

If the participant does not comply with local traffic laws, or does not practice safe riding practices as described by guidelines provided by the depot the agreement with the rider may be cancelled and riding privileges will be suspended. Riding privileges will be suspended from anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Participants agree to refrain from alcoholic beverages until the motorcycles have been parked for the night.

Personal Travel Insurance: It is vital that you have appropriate travel insurance, which offers cover while motorcycling. BikeRoundOz accepts no responsibility for a customer's failure to arrange appropriate cover.

Fines, tickets, tolls and other charges:

The renter is liable for all parking tickets, speeding fines and other penalties. The renter is also liable for all tolls incurred during the rental period. An AUD$ 50 processing fee will be imposed for unpaid fines.

Maintenance and servicing:

All bikes will begin the rental period with new or nearly new consumables. Minimum preventative maintenance must be carried out during the course of the rental period. Oil / water / coolant must be checked daily as must operation of all lights, indicators and horn. Chain, (if chain driven), must be checked for tension and lubricated, daily if operated off-road, every second day if on road. The depot will provide supplies for this basic maintenance. Servicing may be required during longer trips so allow time for this in your schedule. This must be planned with us in advance and will require the bikes to be in a service centre for the day. A service is required every 10,000km for all bikes other than the Suzuki DR650s which require a service every 6,000km. These services are included in the cost of rental for rides up to 60 days in duration. If you are hiring a bike at a fixed rate for between 61 and 90 days, the cost of servicing and consumables is your responsiblity.

Cleaning fees:

Should you rent a bike that we've authorised to ride on gravel roads then please be aware that the dust that covers the bike on these roads can be tough to remove especially if left on during a long trip. If you clean the bike thoroughly before returning it there will be no charge. However, if it is dirty when returned then there is a strictly enforced AU$ 200 cleaning fee that is deducted from the security bond before it is refunded. This policy helps to ensure the bikes are kept in good condition ready for your rental. Thank you for your help with this.


BikeRoundOz accepts no responsibility for and shall not be liable in respect of any loss, damage, alterations, delays or changes arising from circumstances outside its or its Contractors' control, such as, but not solely, war or threat of war, riot, industrial dispute, civil strife, fire, adverse weather conditions, terrorist activity, natural and nuclear disaster, technical transport problems, computer malfunction, cancellation of scheduled or charter airlines, closure or congestion of airports or ports, or financial failure of Contractors.

You will be required to sign a contract, lease or waiver form at the depot when collecting your bike and the legally binding contract for the hire will be between you and Compass Expeditions and not BikeRoundOZ. Please ask for full terms and conditions if you'd like to see them before booking.

Pillion passengers:

Pillion passengers are very welcome on rentals although be very careful and ensure you have sufficient skills to ride with the on gravel roads.


Australian law insists that you wear an approved crash helmet at all times when riding your motorcycle. BikeRoundOz strongly encourages you to take your own helmet and cannot accept liability for the condition of any crash helmet provided by third parties.