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Guided Motorbike Tours - North-West Passage
North-West Passage
The final 14 days from the epic 'Iconic Australia' guided motorcycle tour, the ideal ride for those with Adventure in mind but only 2 weeks to ride!

An intriguing mixed-surface route from Alice Springs in the heart of Australia to Broome in the tropical north-west through some incredibly remote and picturesque areas, via some of the most iconic Outback scenery you could ever hope to encounter.
North West Passage
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The motorcycle of your choice. Alternatively you also have the option to bring your own bike (BYOB).
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Expert guide / lead rider and full support team for the duration of the tour.
What's included - Accommodation
14 nights accommodation is included in the cost on a shared basis. Single occupancy options are available.
What's included - Camping features on this tour
3 of the 14 nights nights on this tour are spent camping under the stars.
What's included - Support vehicle
A fully equipped support vehicle for luggage transport during the tour, complete with qualified first aider on board.
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Breakfast and 'picnic' style lunches are included every ride day. Most dinners / evening meals are also included in the price.
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Airport transfers are included in the overall cost of the tour.
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Fuel used during the tour is included in the price if you are using one of our bikes. BYOB clients must supply your own fuel.
Other tour options
26 days
Cairns to Broome over 26 days, this is the full 'Iconic Australia' tour which is a combination of the 'Reef to Red Centre' tour and the 'North-West Passage' ride. Perfect if you're looking for the complete experience across all the iconic locations in Australia.
28th July - 24th August

11 days
Cairns to Alice Springs over 11 days, this is the first section of the full 'Iconic Australia' tour. Ideal for anyone looking to experience the variety of riding on offer between the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru!
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Exclusions and things you should know
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Air fares and appropriate visas are not included in any of the pricing you see here.
What's included - Camping features on this tour
3 of the 14 nights nights on this tour are spent camping under the stars.
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Fuel is not included on the tour if you are bringing your own motorcycle (BYOB).
A note regarding the dates:

The start date is the 'joining' day of the tour and the end date is the 'departure' day. The actual start of the ride is usually a day or so later after the welcome dinner, introductions etc. The end date is the day you actually leave, the ride normally ends the previous day. If you're unsure, just ask us!

North-West Passage

The final two weeks of riding from the full Iconic Australia guided motorbike tour, this ride stretches from the dusty red heart of Australia to the tropical delights of Broome via the iconic Tanami Track and famous Gibb River Road. You'll venture through the gamut of scenery from isolated desert communities in the heart of Australia through to beautiful tropical beaches.

This is all with the added security of knowing you have friends close at hand and all the backup you could ever want!

North-West Passage Australia route
Image credits link Alice Springs to Broome via some spectacular Outback - the final half of the Iconic Australia tour!

The whole tour is backed up by the highly experienced BikeRoundOz team with support vehicle, innumerable spare parts, extra equipment and good humour thrown in for good measure.

This is a mixed surface tour so you can expect some gravel, dirt and a bit of sand thrown in as well but don't worry, you don't need to be an off-road riding prodigy or anything like that! The BikeRoundOz team will help you get to grips with the conditions and ensure you have a fantastic time, no matter your level of ability.

Great quality accommodation is combined with some quirky Outback lodgings on a few days as you'll be venturing deep into Outback Australia, where to concept of wi-fi and continental breakfasts hasn't quite penetrated as yet. Definitely part of the charm we think!

This is the final 14 days taken from the longer 26 day Iconic Australia tour. You can read all about the full tour here, or you can also choose to ride the Cairns to Alice Springs section over 11 days in the aptly titled Reef to Red Centre ride.

Outback windmill
Image credits link
Explore the range of environments from tropical reef through to isolated red centre...

Continue reading below for a more in-depth look at what this incredible tour entails.

// The North-West Passage tour:

Beginning from the vibrant heart of Australia's red centre, we'll leave Alice Springs around mid-morning and head west from the town aiming to arrive at the amazing Standley Chasm in the late morning so as to catch the most spectacular time of day, when the sun is at its highest and briefly fills the chasm with bright light turning the towering canyon walls a vibrant red colour.

We continue onwards along the smooth asphalt of the Red Centre Way through the scenic West Macdonnell Ranges National Park, to arrive at our overnight stop of the Glen Helen Homestead Lodge some time around the mid afternoon. This gives us plenty of time to visit the stunning Glen Helen Gorge on the banks of the Finke River and perhaps even indulge in a cooling swim.

Glen Helen Gorge
Image credits linkGlen Helen Gorge on the Red Centre Way - Definitely an unexpected but very welcome sight!

The going gets a little rougher the next day as we leave the asphalt behind and hit the dirt of the absolutely fantastic Mereenie Loop Road. We'll traverse an impossibly ancient landscape comprised of intricate walled canyons, expansive valleys, isolated deserts made up of the iconic red Outback sands and plenty of spinifex plains before arriving at the spectacular Kings Canyon in Watarrka National Park.

The Red Centre Way holds many secrets...
Image credits linkThe Red Centre Way and Mereenie Loop Road provide access to some spectacular secrets in the heart of Australia...

It might be a bit of a 'bouncy' day in the saddle but the experience of riding through the hauntingly remote Outback with the amazing Kings Canyon as a reward at the end of the day, makes the day one that you'll remember for a long time to come!

The morning of the next day is spent enjoying the 'Rim walk' around the perimeter of Kings Canyon, it's about 6km and involves quite a steep ascent at the start but it's definitely worth the effort to get the best views of the canyon. It's an amazing gorge surrounded by sandstone escarpments over 100 metres high, dotted with palms and other vegetation clinging on valiantly in the multitude of crevices.

Kings Canyon
Image credits linkKings Canyon - The 'Rim Walk' is undoubtedly the best way of getting the finest overview of this natural marvel

It's a sacred area for the local aboriginal people and once you gaze upon the deep canyon from the top of the surrounding walls you'll likely see why!

Back down at ground level we join the smooth asphalt for an easy afternoons riding through the shimmering desert landscape, before finally arriving at one of the greatest natural geological spectacles on earth rising up from the surrounding desert into the huge blue skies above: Uluru, spiritual heart of Australia. We promised iconic and Uluru definitely fits that description!

Uluru and BMW bikes
Image credits link'Iconic' doesn't really do Uluru justice...

One of the most recognisable landmarks on the planet, Uluru certainly doesn't disappoint. We'll ride out to the special sunset viewing point for what will be one of the highlights of the tour, watching in awe as the monolith changes hue from light brown to deep crimson as the sun retreats towards the horizon. A once in a lifetime visual spectacle and if you haven't already got a 'bucket list', an experience worth starting one for just so you can cross it off.

The following day is designated as a 'rest day' so there's plenty of scope for visiting Uluru again to get up close and personal on one of the many looping walking tracks around the base, or if you're feeling more adventurous there are options for helicopter flights, camel treks and plenty more besides. Of course if you'd rather use the rest day for the purpose it was originally intended then you can simply kick off your boots and relax at the nearby Yulara Resort.

The Olgas
Image credits linkKata Tjuta or the Olgas - impressive neighbour to Uluru

Another 'must see' to explore during your time in the area are the amazing rock formations of Kata Tjuta also known as 'The Olgas', named for the tallest peak in the group. They're around 30km west of Uluru and an easy ride along the asphalt. A very sacred area for the local Pitjantjatjara people the region has spawned many legends and some interesting stories are associated with the unusual natural sculptures. Certainly worth lingering in the shaded canyons along the 'Valley of the Winds' walk (7km) and pausing a while to soak up the atmosphere. There are a couple of other walks around the rocks as well if you'd rather opt for a shorter stroll into history.

Following our up-close and personal encounter with the heart of Australia we return via the asphalt back to Alice Springs stopping en-route at the remote Curtin Springs and Erldunda Roadhouses, which offer up some great views of the nearby Mount Conner. Part of the same geological system which forms Uluru, Mount Conner is often mistaken for its more famous neighbour. It's a spectacular example of the variations in geology that abound in what would otherwise be a fairly featureless area of desert and with a better P.R team who knows, perhaps Mount Conner will one-day be as well known as Uluru.

Mount Conner
Image credits linkMount Conner - Less well known sibling of Uluru, yet just as spectacular to behold. Visiting the monolith is an opportunity that doesn't come along that often!

From Alice Springs we then venture into the dusty red Outback once more via the famed 'Tanami Track', also known somewhat inappropriately as the 'longest shortcut in Australia'. It's a fantastic ride of almost 1,050km through some incredibly remote sections of the country, but offers some amazing opportunities for two nights of camping under the Outback stars. We cross into Australia’s biggest state - Western Australia about mid-way along the Tanami Track, venturing forth to ride a vast and empty, yet incredibly beautiful landscape of ancient red sandstone, turquoise waters and epic cattle stations the size of some European countries.

Outback stars...
Image credits linkWhilst accommodations in the Outback may be a little more 'rough and ready', the natural decor is certainly spectacular enough!

We reach the mighty Kimberly region and hit what is fast becoming another 'iconic' ride in Australia, the Gibb River Road. We stay two nights at the stunning Home Valley Station where we can explore the surroundings in more detail, resplendent with permanent waterfalls and rocky escarpments. Continuing along the Gibb River Road we visit the innumerable picturesque gorges and refreshing waterholes along the way, before we eventually reach Derby at the western end of the road on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

Water crossing...
Image credits linkThe Gibb River Road includes a number of water crossings which really make for a refreshing adventure!

The Gibb River Road is a fantastic ride in its own right, with some epic scenery and fantastic riding including a number of water crossings - perfect for cooling down a bit after a hot day in the saddle. A real joy to experience!

The Kimberly - Home to the Gibb River Road
Image credits linkChances to ride the incredible Gibb River Road are hard to come by at the best of times, seize this one while you can!

The final day on the tour will see us ride triumphantly into Broome and slip effortlessly into 'Broome time'. It's the perfect place and pace to relax at after this life-changing experience through the most iconic sights, landscapes, cultures and history on offer in Australia. Kick back, indulge and enjoy retelling the tales of adventure with your new friends.

Image credits linkBroome awaits!

Camel sign
Image credits linkRoad conditions cover the full spectrum...
A note regarding the riding conditions:
Road surfaces vary from two lane tracks to smooth, wide highways. Riding will be mostly on surfaced routes but when dirt tracks are encountered they can vary from good well-maintained gravel, through to some corrugated areas and the possibility of shallow creek crossings in areas along the Gibb River Road. 'Bull dust' can be an occasional occurrence on this tour.

An open-minded approach will be a must on the ride as conditions in the Outback can change on a daily basis - that's all part of the fun of course!

Breakfast is included in the tour price every day. On all ride days (12) a 'picnic' style lunch prepared from the mobile kitchen by the designated chef is included. We also include 6 dinners / evening meals in nice quality restaurants we have used many times before, or when in more remote areas the evening meals will be prepared at the camp by the staff so you're assured of never going hungry!

Any questions we'll be happy to answer, just get in touch!

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If you'd like to come along and experience the incredible tour but aren't keen on riding a motorcycle yourself, then you also have the option to accompany the tour as a pillion passenger. Places for passengers are limited to please check with us first.
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Accommodation is included in the tour price on a shared basis. If you'd like to have your own room then the additional cost is detailed here.
Single occupancy - add + AU$ 1,260
If you choose to 'bring your own bike' it will need to be approved by us in advance. No scooters on tour please! Fuel is not included in the tour price if you bring your own motorcycle.

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