Guided Motorbike Tours - The Enduro Adventure
The Enduro Adventure
If you want to get from Perth to Darwin there are probably easier ways, but we can't think of any that are more exciting! 6,500km of unspoiled Australian outback, the blazing red centre, the Great Central Road, many national parks and beautiful desert scenery. All via the road definitely less traveled. An experience of a lifetime and one that will be remembered forever!
The Enduro Adventure guided motorbike tour
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• 20th of April to 19th of May
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Lead rider and expert guide, who will share a wealth of knowledge about the flora, fauna, geology and history of each area.
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Support vehicle for luggage transport during the tour, complete with qualified first aider on board.
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The Enduro Adventure The Enduro Adventure

The 'Enduro Adventure' Tour is an amazing experience taking you through the heart of the outback without using the typical tourist routes. You'll see all the main attractions like Uluru [Ayers Rock], the Olgas and all the rest, but the roads you'll use to get there are oh so much more fun!

A brief summary:
You'll ride via the waterfalls and swimming holes of the lovely Edith Falls to the spectacular Katherine Gorge and then on to Kununurra. Here you'll visit Lake Argyle and perhaps take a flight over the Bungle Bungle Range [Purnululu]. The Wolfe Creek meteorite crater is next up, before a ride down the 1,000km of remote Tanami Track to Alice Springs.

Image credits linkUluru, one of the most recognisable landmarks on the planet

You'll continue on to Kings Canyon and Uluru [Ayers Rock] before joining the 'Great Central Road' off road track from Kata Tjutu [The Olgas], which conveys you from the centre of Australia, through to Western Australia via some great desert riding. A tour around the picturesque and by contrast, lush green south-west concludes the experience, before we finally finish in Perth for a well earned celebration!

You'll cover about 6,500 km of which a little over 3,000 km is on gravel and unsurfaced roads with a medium level of difficulty. There is little sand but it's useful for riders to have some off road experience even if it's just an off road training day or two.

A bit more detail:
The trip starts with a ride south from Darwin past the Adelaide River pub [where the water buffalo from the Crocodile Dundee film stands proudly on the bar] and on to Edith Falls. There you can swim beneath the waterfalls in a deep plunge pool shared with long neck turtles and plenty of inquisitive tropical fish.

Katherine Gorge
Image credits linkThe region around Katherine offers up some fantastic scenery

It's a great start to the tour and swimming is delightful here in the billabongs, as it's on top of a steep rocky escarpment and fortunately the crocodiles can't climb! There's a lovely camp site here and sitting on a rock with the sun going down, watching the birds and wildlife is the perfect end to your days ride.

You'll turn west at Katherine and ride to Kununurra. Here you'll visit Lake Argyle which covers an area 18 times the size of Sydney Harbour. It's an amazing sight with the red cliffs of the Kimberley region all around. From Kununurra you can take an optional flight over the relatively recently discovered Bungle Bungle Ranges [Purnululu]. Huge beehive like structures make you feel like you've travelled back into an earlier era, with the flight being pretty much the only way you can see some of the more remote areas of this amazing region.

Purnululu - The Bungle Bungles
Image credits linkOtherworldly landscapes at Purnululu [The Bungle Bungles]

Kings Canyon
Image credits linkKings Canyon, beautiful, imposing and cool
Next stop is the largest meteor crater in Australia at Wolfe Creek, then it's on into one of the most remote regions in the country along the 1,000km unsealed Tanami Track, through the desert of the same name.

At the end of the track is the waiting desert oasis of Alice Springs. Civilisation is a welcome sight after the rugged Tanami Track and you'll get a chance to catch up on communications with family, friends and a bit of time to explore the town.

Standly Chasm and Ormiston Gorge are fairly close to Alice and well worth visiting before the ride continues on to the incredible spectacle of Kings Canyon. There's some pretty strenuous walking in places around the edge of the canyon, but if you put the effort in you'll be rewarded with breathtaking views over the edge and a swim in the 'Garden of Eden'. Plant species that exist nowhere else on earth live here and it's an amazing experience to be swimming in the middle of the desert with steep canyon walls all around.

Just as amazing and probably much more famous is Uluru [Ayers Rock] and the nearby Kata Tjuta [The Olgas]. It's a truly incredible sight to be riding through the relatively featureless desert to view Uluru in the distance and even more impressive to walk around its base and see the chameleon like colours as the sun sets.

The Olgas
Image credits linkThe Olgas just as impressive as their more famous neighbour

Kata Tjuta is about 45km away along a good quality road and is equally impressive, but a little less well known. The Valley of the Winds walk is 7.5km but worth every step if you have the time and inclination.

Leaving Kata Tjuta you'll then head west to join the start of the Great Central Road. This little travelled 'road' is unsealed for the majority of its 1126km length, with a good chance that you'll encounter a bit of sand along the way. Nothing too serious, but it's always nice to know in advance. Watch out for the feral camels along the way. Seeing the 'desert nomads' roaming freely through the sand dunes, really pushes home the fact that you're really riding through the middle of a desert!

The Great Central Road
Image credits linkThe Great Central Road offers incredible desert landscapes and a taste of real isolation

The spectacular desert scenery and sheer size of the landscapes you're riding through, make this a truly humbling route to travel and one not many will be lucky enough to experience.

Wave Rock
Image credits linkWave Rock, surfing prohibited
Arriving at the western end of the Great Central Road you'll then turn south toward the coastal town of Esperance, passing through the iconic outback mining town of Kalgoorlie. Once there you can take a trip down a real goldmine at the Prospectors Hall of Fame, see the incredible Superpit [the largest open cast goldmine in the world] and take in the atmosphere of the bars and restaurants.

Esperance itself is home to some incredible beaches, unforgettable views, beautiful national parks and even whale watching from July to November. It's a stark contrast to the harsh beauty of the outback and a welcome change to see the beautiful turquoise ocean, rather than a a never ending sea of sand.

The aptly named 'Wave Rock' provides a bit of heritage and natural splendour along the way, being around 2.7 billion years old. Shaped by the weather into the shape of a giant wave, it's 14m high and a truly imposing natural spectacle. After basking in the cooling shade of Wave Rock, we'll continue on our way through the picturesque and lush green south west, riding towards the state capital of Perth.

Esperenace beaches
Image credits linkThe beaches around Esperance are turly something else!

The last day of the trip is spent exploring around Perth, with many clients often choosing to get together with the friends they've made along the way for one last restaurant meal before heading off to their hotels for a well earned nights sleep.

The Enduro Tour is an amazing adventure. The outback casts a spell over most who visit and many people are drawn back to the red rocky gorges, remote desert and camp fires for reunion trips with their new found friends.

Image credits linkThe welcoming skyline of Perth, ample reward after a fantastic motorcycle adventure

The experiences and memories will last you a lifetime.

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Pillion riders are accepted on this tour, as are passengers in the accompanying support vehicle. It's best to check with us first though and you'll need to ensure you have suitable experience to carry a passenger as this tour incorporates some unsurfaced routes.
Pillion passengers: add + AU$ 1,080
Support vehicle passengers: add + AU$ 1,980
If you want to take a break from camping, then you have the option to stay in motel / cabin accommodation on a twin share basis for ten of the nights during this tour.
Cabin / motel accommodation: add + AU$ 800
Single supplement for motel / cabin: add + AU$ 800

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