Guided Motorbike Tours - The Canning Stock Route
The Canning Stock Route
The longest and most remote outback stock route in the world, over 1,800km of demanding tracks, through some of the most incredible desert scenery on the planet. One of the last great adventures on the Australian continent. This is less a tour and more a guided expedition. If you want adventure, then the Canning Stock Route will certainly not disappoint. A once in a lifetime experience that you'll remember forever!
Canning Stock Route guided motorbike expedition
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AU$ 7,150
Guided motorbike tour dates
• 12th to 26th of August
Tour sold out
Unfortunately this expedition is not running in 2014 - Next available dates to be confirmed for 2015. Register your interest here.
What's included in the tour
What's included - Camping accommodation
Accommodation during the expedition is camping based. Tents are provided and will be carried in the support vehicle.
What's included - Bike of your choice
Yamaha TTR250 enduro motorcycles are provided.
What's included - Support vehicle
Support vehicle for luggage and equipment transport. Two vehicles used for groups of ten riders or more.
What's included - Fuel
All fuel needed for the expedition is included in the cost, as are any spares or oil needed.
What's included - Breakfasts
Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided. The camp kitchen will keep you well fed during the expedition.
What's included - Transfers
Transfers to the start point and drop offs at either Broome or Darwin are included in the cost.
Exclusions and things you should know
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Air fares and appropriate visas are not included in any of the pricing you see here.
The Canning Stock Route

The Canning Stock Route

The Canning Stock Route was only rediscovered in the 1970's and is the longest, most remote stock route in the world. Running from the gold fields of Western Australia through to the Kimberley region it is over 1,800km of challenging track and is arguably one of the last great adventures in Australia.

It is legendary for its isolation, beauty and the challenging logistics required to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Make no mistake, this is an expedition rather than a tour but that's all part of the attraction!

In brief:
The first day of the trip is spent on the bus to Meekatharra where we enjoy a final meal in civilization. The following morning we set off early on the bikes for Wiluna and the start of the track proper.

You’ll explore a wide range of constantly changing scenery. Expansive spinifex plains, countless immense red sand dunes, the plateaux and escarpments of the Breaden Hills, beautiful river red gums surrounding unexpected pools of cool water, dry lake beds of shimmering white salt crystals and ancient rock art many thousands of years old in caves and on sandstone walls.

During the day the sky is a more vibrant blue than you'll ever have thought possible, whilst at night the galaxies and stars shine in the sky from horizon to horizon, through a dense blackness untainted by light pollution. It makes you feel small and insignificant, an incredible feeling!

You'll cross four of the greatest deserts during the ride- the Gibson, Great Sandy, Little Sandy and the Tanami. Not bad if you're counting really!

There are remote springs, gorges, oak forests and the preserved historic wells that provide life giving water along the route. Just like the stockmen of old, you'll rely on these wells for refreshment as you ride the Canning Stock Route.

Evenings are spent reminiscing about the day's ride around a blazing campfire, whilst dinner is rustled up in the camp kitchen as the dingos call in the distance.

The journey ends at Halls Creek where we have a final meal and a considerable celebration! From there you will be escorted to either Broome or Darwin for your onward flight.

As the world of jet planes and fast communications shrinks the world ever smaller, there are fewer and fewer places where you can feel a true sense of isolation and adventure. The Canning Stock Route is one of them. It’s an unforgettable experience and a privilege you’ll treasure forever.

A few details:
The Canning Stock Route is a route which exacts a heavy price on the vehicles that travel it, so breakages and other unexpected events can occur along the way, that's part of what makes this a real adventure! Ingenuity and a little experience will go a long way to overcoming any problems that might occur, but just in case, the support vehicle will carry a full range of spares, equipment and someone that knows how to use them!

By choosing to travel as part of a group you benefit not only from the camaraderie and friendship, but more importantly from the experience of people that have done it before and the planning and logistics provided. There are no facilities along the route, everything needs to be organised in advance. Fuel dumps, water, campsites, it all needs to be organised well in advance to ensure a smooth expedition, which is where the expert guides come in. They've got the experience, know-how and kit to take the sting out of organising a ride along the Canning Stock Route.

The four wheel drive support vehicle (two vehicles are used for groups of 10 or more) carries your luggage, fuel, spares, an extensive first aid kit, a satellite phone, GPS equipment and any other sundries. Passengers in the vehicle can be accommodated, but space is strictly limited so check with us before you make any plans.

Yamaha TTR250Conditions will dictate the distances travelled each day. Some days we may cover up to 300km, others it might only be 90km. Adaptability is key when it comes to participating in a ride on the 'C.S.R'.

You don’t need to be an expert off road rider to join the expedition but some experience is important, a certain degree of physical fitness is useful too. It's ideal if you've got a little of both, experience and fitness. You’ll soon improve your technique along the way with a little help from the guides. It’s a challenging track with emotional highs and lows due to physical exertion and remote location, but there’s a huge sense of satisfaction in completing the trip. The best things in life aren’t always easy. ‘If you want the fruit, you have to go out on a limb’ as the saying goes!

Current model Yamaha TTR 250 enduro bikes are the ideal mount for the trip. The four-stroke engines are easy to use and maintain, the bikes are light and easy to manage, plus they're fitted with both electric and kick-starts; a very useful feature when you're stopped halfway up a sand dune!

Group customisation:
If you are part of a group and would like to extend the tour through the incredible Kimberley Region and either back to Broome, or on via the spectacular wetlands of Kakadu National Park to Darwin, then this can be arranged too. We’ll tailor the tour specifically for your group, so just ask us for details and costings. If you need anything else like accommodation or internal flights organised, then we can help with this too.

Pricing Options:

Your choice of bike:


Passengers riding in the support vehicle are accepted on this expedition, however space is limited so it is best to check with us before finalising any plans you might have.
Support vehicle passengers: add + AU$ 2,500

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